Crochet Bow Headband

So many people have been really sweet and asked me about how they would be able to have one of these headbands, so, I’ve decided to sell them!

If you’d like one I’m selling them for $15. I posted the colors of yarn I have right now in the pictures above (click the picture and the name of the yarn is listed in the caption). Just send me a message on here or email me at- fleming.mariah@gmail.com what color you want and we can figure out a way to handle the payment and delivery and such. If I do have to ship it to you, just know it will be an additional $2.

So excited that people like these, tell ya friends!


I see these headbands a lot, would any of you actually wear them? Just asking, because it’s not quite my thing and I don’t see them on people!

I am soooooo having a go at these!!